Selling Logs?

Welcome to American Stave Company.

We pay top prices for white oak stave logs.  With over 10 experienced buyers covering more than 7 states, we provide superior service to loggers and landowners throughout the Midwest.

Our buyers are committed to providing ethical, consistent and professional service.

Selling logs to American Stave Company is convenient and hassle-free. If you deliver logs to one of our mill yards, the logs will be scaled and a check written the same day.  If you sell logs to one of our field buyers, they too can pay the same day and then arrange to have your logs picked up on your property by our own trucks.

Though we do not personally cruise or log timber, anyone from our buying staff will be happy to help any landowner find a reputable logger.  

What is a stave log?

For stave production we purchase white oak and chinkapin oak, which is a sub-species of white oak. These two species of oak contain properties that make them leak proof. And while there are other species such as post oak and bur oak that contain these properties, they also contain properties that are not desirable in the barrel making process.

White oak can be found from the Midwest to the Northeast and as far south as the Panhandle of Florida. White oak grows under a variety of conditions and commonly with other oaks and hickories. The bark is a light ash-gray and somewhat peeling. A very distinguishing feature of white oak is that a little over half way up the tree the bark tends to become platy giving it the appearance of overlapping scales.  In the spring the young leaves are a delicate silvery pink, covered with a soft down. When mature the leaves are bright green above and pale below, with 5 to 7 lobes. In the fall the leaves turn dark red to purple. White oaks regenerate by dropping acorns or by sprouting from stumps.

When purchasing stave logs our buyers are required to follow and are held accountable to a set of standards.  The buyers are audited based on the standards to protect the log seller as well as ASC.  This is a unique practice and we are very proud to be an industry leader.

These standards take in account the size and quality of the log to determine volume and purchase price.  The following are general size and quality requirements.  

8 feet to 20 feet long

11 inches on the small end to 30 inches on the big end.

A few small knots are allowed along the log, but there should be at least two clean sides and very little rot on either end of the log. 

The process:

  1. Have the logs cut down, bucked up and laid out ready for sale.
  2. Contact the buyer in your area to schedule an appointment. 
  3. Once the buyer arrives they will carefully inspect and measure each log.
  4. In most cases payment will be made on the spot. 
  5. If required, trucking arrangements will be made.
If you are selling white oak logs make sure their maximum potential is realized.  Contact us for current market conditions and consultation.

Please contact Justin Nichols, for further information about ASC or Contact the Buyer listed for your location.

American Stave Company Mission Statement “Ethical, Consistent and Professional”
Our goal is to provide superior service to our suppliers by building long lasting relationships that are Ethical, Consistent and Professional while purchasing high quality logs at competitive prices that support our customers’ needs.

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